FM-FX is an International collective of female sound artists, composers and performers who collaborate and create experimental music. They focus on live electronic music and/or improvisation, often in combination with acoustic instruments.

These artists carry out experiments related to psychoacoustic and sensorial perception. In this way they develop a unique and creative language. Their pieces become immersive experiences by means of technology, a melting-pot of new sounds. FM-FX’s works are presented in live concerts where their individual projects merge together. Electroacoustic and acousmatic music, noise and audio-visual performances, are combined in heterogeneous journeys through their avant-garde sonic realms.


Compilation of audio and video works by FM FX members for an installation
presented at Centro Centro, Madrid (ES) from 9th May until 6th July 2014 as part of Audiópolis program.

“Harp Phantoms” (audio only) by Barbara Ellison, performed by Angélica Vazquez
“Murmurs” (audio only) by Fani Konstantinidou
“murmur” (documentation) by Yolanda Uriz in collaboration with Mariska de Groot
“Retro Twain” by Yolanda Uriz (video) & Ángel Faraldo (sound)
“This will end” (audio only) by Yamila Ríos
“The Other Voice” by Barbara Ellison
“Time Folding V5” (audio only) by Ji Youn Kang

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